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Who we are ?

The Congregation of Sisters of St. John the Baptist is founded in Angri, Italy by Saint Alfonso Maria Fusco. It is an International Congregation. The Congregation is operating in 17 Countries in the world; Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, Chile, India, Italy, Korea, Madagascar, Malawi, Mexico, Moldova, Philippines, Polonia, Romania, South Africa, USA and Zambia, Argentina, Australia.

Flowing from the call received by the Founder, the spirit of the Congregation is transmitted to our communities through his ideals: a dynamic response to the voice of the Holy Spirit, actualized in a radical imitation of Jesus the Nazarene, expressed in an unlimited trust in Divine Providence, in apostolic zeal to make Him known and in a joyful dedication to the poor. Open to the signs of the times, our Congregation strives to respond to the needs of the Church through the particular works undertaken according to our Charism and spirit. Our mission is to prepare the way of the Lord by removing those obstacles which hinder the people of our times from freely accepting the Word of God.