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21.Pushpagam, Vadipatti- 2017

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We have been serving the people of Vadipatti and surrounding villages through Health, Social Work and Education Ministry for the past 31 years. Responding to the signs of the times the   Provincial Sr. Mary Antony and her Council started a community namely ‘Pushpagam’on February 21st 2017 at Main Road, T. Vadipatti, Madurai District, 625 218.  Sr. Sahaya Selva Rani, Sr. Eskaline Rani and Sr. Yesumary were the pioneers. The apostolates of this community are Social Work (1986), a home for HIV affected children (2010), a Community College (2016) and pastoral activities. This community and ministries were functioning in Shanthi Sadan community up to Feb. 21st 2017.

Pushpagam was started with 6 children Now there are 28 children studying L.K.G through Degree in different schools and college according to their ability of learning. All are from broken families. Sisters give them great attention and care. There is one independent Social work Society called Baptistine Community Development Society (BCDS) under which many programs for the upliftment of children, women and of society  are taken care. Many people have benefitted and still benefitting from these ministries.Thanks be to God!