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Aspirancy & Postulancy

Aspirancy:The purpose of the Aspirancy period is to offer the young women the possibility to deepen their Baptismal Consecration, assess their own vocational plan and help them to respond to God’s call freely. The aspirants come from different states of India. The duration of Apirancy is usually one year according to the maturity of each individual. The live together in the common formation house in Bangalore.

Postulancy:The postulants are the young women who have actually tested their vocational journey, proved to have valid reasons based on faith and possess the qualities required by our consecrated life.
The Postulancy is the immediate preparation for the novitiate period. It is characterized by a more intense human and Christian formation. The aim of this period is to help the young women to deepen the call of God through the experiences of prayer, community and apostolic life.   The duration of Postulancy is one to two years according to the maturity of each person.