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Healing of Sr. Maria Dulcis Miniello

The Testimony on the Extraordinary Healing of Sr. Maria Dulcis Miniello through the Intercession of Alfonso Maria Fusco:

sister_designed“I am here to tell you how good and great is the Lord. He has blessed me, saving me from death, through the intercession of Fr. Alfonso Maria Fusco, who is raised to the Sainthood by Pope Francis. I want to tell you in advance that my testimony covers a period of time that flees from my memory. In fact from July 12 to October 25, 2009 I can’t recall anything. Everything that I know, comes from the stories of the persons who assisted me during my time in the hospital, co-sisters, doctors, friends and relatives and those written in the medical records from the hospitals where I was admitted. Here is the description I wrote and submitted to the assembly of theologians for the recognition of the miracle required for the canonization of Blessed Alfonso Maria Fusco: “Sr. Maria Dulcis (Assunta) Miniello, religious of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist, 66 years old…. in the morning of July 12, 2009, she passed out in the comfort room. She was rushed immediately to the doctor who thought that she had cerebral hypertension. She was sent to St. Camillus Hospital, where she was diagnosed with massive hemorrhage secondary to two dissecting aneurism of the posterior artery. The prognosis was definitely dreadful; the only solution to save her was to do craniotomy which was done on July 13, 2009. Nevertheless, the surgeon declared that the prognosis was dreadful either for her life, considering the cerebral damage or the quality of life or stressing that if ever she survives there would be no total recovery, neither physical nor mental. Due to a complication, hydrocephalous obstruction, she undergone another operation on August 8, 2009; it was successful but from the neurological point of view the aftereffects of initial pathology ensue leading to deficit in language, left hemiparesis, incontinence, confusion and cognitive impairment for which she was transferred to the Motor and Functional Rehabilitation Center of Villa Sandra on August 24, 2009.

On August 26, 2009 she was brought back to St. Camillus Hospital where she was diagnosed of Malfunctioning due to Ventricular Peritoneal. On September 9, 2009 she was transferred to St. John Hospital to continue the rehabilitation therapy; she arrived there with strongly altered neurological conditions.  In the meanwhile, Blessed Alfonso Maria Fusco was intercedeed for the healing of Sr. Maria Dulcis. The fact is that, while no attending physician hoped that Sr. Maria Dulcis could walk again without any help and to talk again properly, all remained very much surprised when Sister showed a clear improvement, concluded by a full motor and cognitive recovery. Her complete and lasting healing was confirmed by experts.”

On my part, as far as I remember I can testify the following: Sunday, October 25, 2009 was a unique and unforgettable day for me. All of a sudden I felt a great energy within me which was unexplainable and indescribable. I had a happy and sudden awakening from a long and deep sleep. I opened my eyes and I found myself in a big hall among many persons who were praying. I also wanted to pray, but instinctively I happened to turn my back and recognized my brother, Joseph, who was beside me. Moved and amazed, he observed me carefully.
I looked at him, I recognized him and happily I smiled at him and waved my right hand. He looked at me and cried. I was shocked and amazed and felt suddenly waking up from a deep sleep. I remember to be very happy and surprised to see myself surrounded by many persons who are dear to me and that I was able to recognize them, even if all were crying. A Holy Mass was celebrated and all thanked the Lord and Blessed Alfonso Maria Fusco, for whose intercession my life was given back to me.

After this awakening my joy continues because I saw that I was surrounded by all and my co-sisters began to recount various stories of my recent past. I regained my fluent and congruous talking and my attentive abilities. I had a progressive functional recovery even on the motor level in such a way that I was able to respond to the necessities of daily life. I learned that Blessed Alfonso Maria Fusco was interceded, with much fervor and faith by my co-sisters spread in 17 countries, by the students of our schools and even those from abroad.

My heart is always filled with gratitude for all the gifts that the good God wanted to bestow upon me. The extraordinary richness of His grace has clothed me with His garments of joy and of salvation.”

                                                                                        -Sr. Maria Dulcis Miniello