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Alfonso Maria Fusco

Alfonso Maria Fusco, diocesan priest and Founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist (Baptistines), was born March 23, 1839, in Angri Salerno, in the diocese of Nocera dei Pagani, from a deeply religious family. His vocation and mission matured in the historical context of the second half of l800s. The south of Italy was then living dramatic moments because of the new political order that emerged after the unification of the country. Ordained a priest on May 29, 1863, he devoted himself to the education and care of children who swarmed the streets of Angri.  Don Alfonso was a man who knew how to look beyond, who understood the importance of education for women, in a society where the woman was not recognized in her dignity.

He exercised his priestly ministry in the local Church with diligence and zeal. He dedicated himself to the apostolate of the confessions, preaching, liturgical, catechetical and youth animation especially for the rural missions. He was patient, humble and obedient to the will of God, who welcomed with love even the difficulties. Jesus in the Eucharist was his strength and joy. He cultivated a filial love for Blessed Mother Mary.

On September 26, 1878, in response to a strong interior call, trusting in Divine Providence, he founded the Congregation of Sisters of St. John the Baptist for evangelization, education and the promotion of children and young people mostly poor, needy and at risk. He died peacefully at Angri February 6, 1910, leaving great fame of sanctity.

October 16, 2016, Pope Francis proclaimed him ‘Saint’.