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Biographical Data : Saint Alfonso Maria Fusco

23rd March 1839 Alphonso Maria Fusco was born in Angri, in the diocese of Nocera   Inferiore-Sarno( Salerno)
5th November 1850 Enters the diocesan Seminary
29th May 1863 Ordained a priest and began intense pastoral activity particularly among the young people and children and devoted himself to confessions, catechism and preaching.
30th May 1863 First Mass in the Church of St. John the Baptist, Angri, Italy
17th August 1873 Nominated Canon of the Collegiata of Angri
26th September 1878 Foundation of the Congregation of the Baptistine Sisters for education, instruction of orphans and needy children.
9th March, 1897 Pope Leo XXIII nominated him as Canon of St. John the Baptist Church, Angri.
6th February Saintly death at Angri where he is burried in the Chapel of the Mother House.
27th February 1928 Remains of Founder are brought from Angri to Mother House.
27th July 1939 His case for Canonization was begun.
12th February 1976
Pope Paul VI declares the virtues of God’s Servant to have been ‘Heroic’
3rd February 1998 Healing of Gershome Chizuma, Zambian child through Servant of God.
1st July 2000 Pope John Paul II announces this healing as miracle for Beatification.
7th October 2001 Pope John Paul II proclaims him ‘Blessed’ in St. Peter’s Square, Rome
7th February Liturgical Feast of the ‘Blessed’.
16th October 2016                 Pope Francis proclaims him ‘Saint’ in St. Peter’s Square, Rome