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The fundamental element in a vocation to religious life is a special call, election or choice by God communicated to a person through grace, illumination and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of Vocational guidance is to bring young women to the knowledge of God’s plan. All our sisters manifest an apostolic zeal in fostering vocations and attracting youth to follow Jesus’ footsteps through the example of their own life. We offer opportunities for young women to attend ‘Come and See’ Programs. In Indian province there are Vocation Promoters for each States where the sisters are presently working. They visit parishes, participates in the vocation awareness programs at diocesan and regional levels, contact young girls in schools, colleges, boarding schools and youth groups, conduct life orientation and vocation camps, create relationship with parents and families in the local church.

Today Christ challenges you, too: “If you wish, come and follow me”

  • I need you to continue to save the world;
  • I need you to watch a sad child;
  • I need you to wipe a tear;
  • I need you to forgive a brother/sister;
  • I need you to shake a hand;
  • I need you…


Even a single glass of water given in the name of Christ will be rewarded …

For any information please contact:
The Vocation Promoter
Sisters of St. John the Baptist
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