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Sr. Mary Antony

The academic year 2012 – 2013 is yet another significant milestone in the progress and development of Fusco’s School Bangalore and our hearts are filed with a deep sense of gratitude to the Lord Almighty for His care, Love, Protection and guidance during this academic year. Baba Amte Says:

I sought my soul, My soul I did not find.

I sought my God, My God deluded me.

I sought my brother, I found all three.

The fundamental option of our Father Founder Blessed Alfonso Maria Fusco – to EDUCATE, to EVANGELIZE and to PROMOTE THE YOUTH is realized as We the Sisters of St. John the Baptist sought our little brothers and sisters through the Education Ministry. FUSCOS’S IS UNIQUE in its efforts to develop the total personality of a child. We aim at HOLISTIC EDUCATION which helps the students to be the most that they can be. Abraham Maslow referred to this as ‘Self-Actualization’.

CaptureEducation with a Holistic Perspective is concerned with the development of every child’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials. It seeks to educate the whole child and there are some key factors that are essential to this type of education. First, children need to learn about themselves. This involves learning self-respect and self-esteem. Second, children need to learn about relationships. In learning about their relationships with others, there is a focus on ‘social literacy’ – learning to see social influence and ‘emotional literacy’ – one’s own self in relation to others. Third, children need to learn about resilience. This entails overcoming difficulties, facing challenges and learning how to ensure long-term success. Fourth, children need to learn about aesthetics – This encourages the students to see the beauty of what is around them and learn to have wonder in life.

We are proud to say that Fusco’s School is moving towards this Holistic Education for each child who steps into the portals of this school. I congratulate the Principal, Correspondent and Sisters for creating an ambience for the children to bloom and become integrated individuals. Hats off to our teachers who are seen as friends, mentors, facilitators and experienced traveling companions with students rather than persons of authority who lead and control. My sincere appreciation to our Parents who are open and honest in communication and great collaborators in children’s educational growth at Fusco’s, Hearty Felicitations to our beloved students who are very eager and open for learning with the goal of a bright future facing the challenges that are ahead!

Let us together make our Fusco’s a place where students and adults help one another and grow together towards out mutual goal as the highest function of Education is to bring about an Integrated Individual who is capable of dealing with life as a whole! May our Founder Blessed Alfonso Maria Fusco continue to inspire us all to bring many more flowers to Jesus as he said “Educating Children is like bringing flowers to Jesus”. Wishing You all God’s Blessings in the academic year 2014 – 2015!

In Gratitude,

Sr. Mary Antony. M, Provincial Superior,

Sisters of St. John the Baptist, Bangalore.