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Sr.Lina Pantano

The youth who consecrate their virginity to God, become in the eyes of Jesus, as beautiful as the angels of heaven.

In the Gospel our Redeemer now called Father, now Master, Shepherd now, but about virgins He calls himself the bridegroom. Who can ever understand here on earth the glory that God prepares for his wives virgins in Paradise?

If Jesus calls you to his love and you want his wives, follow him cheerfully! He will keep his thoughts to console them even in the midst of suffering. When you have given to the Lord what to be put to be put to the love of Jesus and Jesus will make you light and sweet the cross.

The true brides of Jesus follow the bridegroom where he goes, where he calls them. Follow the Bridegroom is imitate following it with the soul and the body.

After you have consecrated the body of Jesus that we must consecrate all my heart, so that your heart is all applied to love him. We must, therefore, choose the appropriate means that you may be all for Jesus: mental prayer, the Sacraments, obedience, mortification, confidence, wisdom, and authority, since it is necessary to preserve “Sicut lilium inter spinas”, these are the thorns that preserve the lilies .