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Provincial’s Message

Dear Sisters,

Spiritual journey is one of the constant transformations. In order to grow we must give up the struggle to remain the same, and learn to embrace the change at all times. Spiritual transformation leads us to Christ likeness. Christ likeness of the inner being is a gift of grace. The grace is God acting in our life to accomplish what we cannot do on our own.

Baptistine vocation is a call of love – God’s heart reaching out to the suffering of His children and inviting earnest lovers to join hand with Him to heal the world. Hence the Province Vision is

Ignited by the Spirit of Jesus

United in joyful living

Dedicated in selfless Service

Once this vision is caught, it is a passionate adventure. We throw calculation to the wind, trust God’s wisdom and love, and rush were the worldly-wise dare not go. Once such person was our founder St.Alfonso Maria Fusco who caught the same “contagion” of goodness!

The Spirit enabled Jesus, Mary, John the Baptist and Blessed Alfonso Maria Fusco to totally give of themselves by forming and transforming their lives.

Let us continue our journey of transformation filled with the Divine!

With love and prayers,

Sr. Motchapackiam Manickam